What does true worship mean to you?  That’s a good question and one that we should give some careful thought.  For so long we have limited our understanding of worship to outward expressions in church.  Yet, it’s so much more than that!

Worship is more than the clapping or waving of your hands.  Instead, it is what is going on in your heart.  What ultimately makes you a worshipper is not your outward form and expression but your compliance and focus because your heart is in tune with God and His desires for you.

You were personally selected to worship our Lord! With that in mind, I challenge you to open the door of your heart to a genuine encounter with God. Surrender control and give Him the truest and most authentic worship you can offer Him!

What are YOU going to do?

I am a bit concerned as I begin writing this blog. I’m wondering in the midst of the shootings in Tulsa, the Trayvon Martin killing and even with the Troy Davis execution if we have seen enough to make some adjustments in the way we approach life. I think that if these latest incidences haven’t taught us a few things, it has taught us that we have to be our brother and our sister’s keeper not only in tragedy but when there is no tragedy… 

One of the lessons that these tragic events have taught us is that “selfishness” and being self-absorbed have separated the village that now only comes together for weddings and funerals.  Throughout the civil rights era we came together as a people to protest and to bring attention to the injustices of the world, while also planning to do what was necessary to make things better for our brothers and our sisters. Being there not only through tragedy, but being there to walk with our brother and our sister into their destiny. Our world is filled with too many solo acts- the time has come to bring family back into the community… What are you going to do?